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Quick Vegetable Soup

Today I had to take the baby for immunizations and pick up the car from the garage, both during lunchtime. I needed something quick and easy, and hopefully warm (it’s very cold today). Soup it was.

I had this recipe in my bookmarks to try and I happened to have all the ingredients. So the menu for the day was: Quick Vegetable Soup – Martha Stewart Recipes.

It’s very easy to do. A little bit of chopping, some boiling, done: soup.

Just like Martha's minions, I photographed my soup in a cup (mine is cuter though, and bigger)

The results are, like everyone’s favourite fashion designer Michael Kors would say: underwhelming. It tastes like watery tomato sauce. I felt as if I had forgotten the spaghetti while I was eating it. And I didn’t even use as much tomato as called for in the recipe.

Courgette and cauliflower

I love courgette (zucchini, for any American around) and cauliflower, but they just got lost. Just not a good Martha Stewart moment.

I will probably make it again but cutting the tomato in half and adding more aromatics at the beginning, celery probably.

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