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Just as I got pregnant I started working at a Japanese restaurant in central London. During lunch we did what the staff came to call McSushi, very fast food style Japanese food, and during the evening we turned into a proper restaurant, meaning table service with tips expected from customers.

Although for about half of the time I worked there I couldn’t get close to the miso pot due to morning sickness, which in my case was more of a lunch time sickness (it worked for me, as I usually had lunch at 4ish).

Our miso was done with white miso, shiitake and kombu (dried kelp) and it had wakame (seaweed), aburaage (deep fried tofu) and green onion as garnishes, and it tasted amazing. I would love to replicate it at home, but I was in charge of buying in the restaurant and I know how expensive those ingredients can get.

I really wanted my restaurant’s miso today, but I’m not going to spend an hour on the bus with a 2-month baby just to get soup. I figured that miso soup is all about the miso paste and I had that at home, but I couldn’t make the soup I wanted, so why not go a bit unconventional?

I used a miso noodle soup recipe from the BBC website and prepared it sans noodles and sans pak choi. Noodles I took out because I don’t really like my miso with noodles, and the pak choi because I didn’t want to go to the supermarket (I did add some cauliflower leaves as a replacement though).

Miso soup in the making (you can see my very cool kitchen and cooking tools)

The recipe is super fast and easy to prepare. There’s a nice kick to it from the chilli, but too much ginger. I did have to almost triple the water because of the water loss during boiling and because it just wasn’t enough.

Miso soup

Next time I’ll put more water from the start, add a pinch of salt and use fresh ginger. I loved the cauliflower leaves, so those are a keeper.


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