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Butternut squash soup

If you ask me fall means three things: the X-factor, walking down the street stepping on leaves with a chunky scarf, a beret and a Starbucks latte, and butternut squash.

The X-factor is almost finished. Walking in the cold is out of the picture with a newborn. So I only have butternut squash left. Mostly I can’t really be bothered to do much with it other than cutting a big chunk and putting it in the microwave for some 5 minutes or throw it into a soup to make it a bit sweeter.

I thought it was high time I did something a bit more interesting with it. An ingredient that is so sweet used in a savoury meal gives you a lot of options, why not explore them?

There are a lot of great looking butternut squash soup recipes online, it was hard to make up my mind. After a lot of browsing, the last five contestants were:

It wasn’t easy, and I only made up my mind just before hitting the kitchen. My dad was visiting, and he loves garlic, so the winner was Easy & healthy butternut squash soup.

It’s a very basic soup, only 3 ingredients really.

I ended up chopping the onions and my dad the garlic and butternut squash. Neither of us is a vegetarian, so we cheated and used chicken stock rather than water and added loads of pepper, as well as one cup of soy milk.

We also left the skins on when we processed the soup. We figured we could get some more nutrition out of them (and save us the trouble of taking the out).

Soup ready to boil

The soup is very peasant and hearty, so we kept it simple. Just soup on the plate, no fancy decorations or fancy anything really. Just good food.

Butternut squash soup

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