Fish and seafood

North African Fish Soup

I’m all about cheap, and the other day I bought cheap white fish fillets from the frozen section of the supermarket.

Frozen white fish is not the tastiest, but it’s fish, and that makes it healthy. So I had to find a recipe that would bring out the fish taste and would make my husband happy as he would be having lunch with me.

He is African and I’m European. So we try to find an in-between situation when it comes to food. Sometimes we have my food, sometimes his and most often than not we have a mix.

This North African Fish Soup Recipe falls into that category.

North African fish soup bubbling away

Let’s just say that I only have the in-progress photo of this soup as I wasn’t fast enough to take a pretty served photo before my husband took the plates to eat and there was none left after lunch. A complete success!

Very recommendable, we will be having this one again without any changes to the original recipe.

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