For the love of soup

After chocolate, soup is my favourite food. I would live of chocolate, but my hips and my husband would probably not appreciate it, so I’d rather go with soup.

It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold (I am Spanish, I grew up with gazpacho), thick or liquidy or whether it has meat or it’s vegetarian, I’ll even have tofu and seaweed in it (being a supervisor in a Japanese restaurant taught me to embrace weird stuff floating in my soups).

The two things I like the most about soups are versatility, you can quite literary throw anything to it, and easiness, most times you prepare ingredients, put in a pot and let boil until you’re hungry.

Being a new mum, I’m all about easiness. So I decided to expand my knowledge of cooking, enjoy soup and have food on the table for when my husband gets home from work by preparing at least one new soup recipe each week. You’re welcome to join in.

*Stews, chowders, creams and similar foods are allowed as well.

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